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Has taken over our communities and has placed so many people at an all time low! Here at A Better Journey Inc. we understand what downfall means because at least 50% of us have lived homeless or broken before and we refuse to allow this to continue world wide...

Real Life Journey's

The house above was a house where we watched police remove over 13 homeless people from this home and transported to jail for trying to be safe and out of the weather! We have to do better and start caring for our people! THEY NEED US and we forget everyone out there   are someone's mother, father or child... 

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All photos and videos on this site are actually taken by our own phones and cameras! We are currently based in Memphis, TN and this is the inside life of the struggles of living homeless!! Please help us save the world! ABJ Inc.

Changing the future with A Better Journey

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We have taken the time out to sit in and have so many conversations with homeless individuals to development A company that actually remove them from the streets, reevaluate each person's mind to shape them back into someone ready for the real world, and place them back into society with both a job and a place to call their own! 

A Proper Greeting

Our Mission

A Better Journey was designed to put the F.I.G.H.T back in a fighting chance by developing a program that will decrease the rate of homelessness and jobless individuals with our 60 day "keys in hand" Program sending people from the streets to having consistent income (due to the programs "getting back to work" mandatory job placement) program and housing voucher upon the completion of the program.

Our Vision

People who have fallen financially are easily looked at as troublesome, drug addicts, criminals, or even panhandlers but only a select few of us have actually taken the time out to take a seat and hear those people true story downfalls. Our vision is to 1st make those people remember how important they are and know that they are still S.O.M.E.B.O.D.Y! From there we plan to bring them into our facility on a 60 day program to       "A Better Journey" setting them back up with employment  and housing while embedding a whole lot of M.E.A.N.I.N.G.F.U.L BACK INTO THEIR HEARTS.

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